Sports equipment

Another area of application for our plastic tubes is in the fitness sector.

Holistic training of the human body during fitness exercises is the goal of many training devices – Slashpipe® fulfils this requirement.

A certain amount of water moves permanently inside the tubes, creating a constant, uncontrollable momentum. Depending on the body position, movement speed and angle, the occurring force must be balanced by conscious stabilisation.

The requirements for tightness are extremely high due to the constant movement of the water in the tube. It is important to ensure that no liquid leaks from the lids. Precise cut edges of the tube ends, combined with heavy-duty ultrasonic welding of the end caps, guarantee a long-term and reliable closure. So our tubes stay tight even after countless hours of training. Another factor is the impact resistance of the tubes. The Slashpipe® is subjected to heavy loads during training, impacts on floors or walls cannot be avoided. For this reason, we use highly impact-resistant PC (polycarbonate) for the Slashpipe®.

Art objects

Exhibits and art objects often pose a special challenge. What looks simple is often in detail a qualitatively highly demanding processing of various product components and machining techniques. This requires all the experience, innovation and expertise acquired by our employees to implement creative and individual concepts.

Transmission masts

Transmission masts with antennas for the transmission of radio waves serve to network all areas of life and the economy. The close connection of devices such as mobile phones, household appliances or industrial equipment requires a large number of base stations with antennas.

In order to effectively protect the sensitive stations against environmental influences, the transmission devices must be covered accordingly.
Not every plastic is suitable for this application. It must be ensured that high radio frequencies are transmitted unhindered.

Our covers made of PC fulfil these criteria excellently, as they are permeable to radio frequencies up to 50 GHz. Furthermore, PC is highly impact resistant and therefore particularly well suited for outdoor use in extreme situations.

Imagination without limits

The plastics processed by ATHEX offer a multitude of possible applications! We will be happy to advise you – without obligation.
We will be happy to advise you – without obligation.
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