As a supplier to the lighting industry, we manufacture tubes, profiles and machined plastic parts made of PMMA and PC. Our products are used in the areas of outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and technical lighting, among others.


PMMA and PC tubes

Outdoor lights

Lighting on public roads and in non-public areas is a complex matter. It must be bright enough so that drivers and pedestrians can orientate themselves optimally, but at the same time they must not be dazzled.

Outdoor lighting is intended to spread a pleasant atmosphere, providing inner-city areas with safety as well as an attractive design, and emphasising specific features in private areas.

To meet all these aspects, we manufacture our tubes from PMMA and PC, which are used in post-top luminaires, light pedestals or bollard luminaires.

We offer special solutions such as inner prisms for glare control, special LED materials or impact-resistant mixtures for protection against vandalism, as well as processed and ready-made tubes.


Office lighting

Interior lights

Optimal lighting in the workplace, especially for VDU workstations, is a decisive factor for well-being and thus serves the health and performance of employees. This is achieved by lighting that adapts to the respective conditions by adjusting the light intensity or glare control to the respective needs of the employees.

We have developed customised solutions for these complex applications. We manufacture luminaire covers made of PMMA and PC, which guarantee a directed light emission by means of prisms. The LED material specially developed by us is characterised by a very high light emission in combination with a high light diffusion.

Decorative living room lights

Interior lights

Decorative luminaires are usually high-quality design elements that need to fit in with the overall look of the interior and also bring light into the darkness. The right light is extremely important for our well-being and has to fulfil the most diverse requirements.

We manufacture individual plastic covers made of PMMA or PC for these luminaires. Here it is important to meet your requirements – we are able to support you as early as the development phase and would be happy to provide you with our expertise.

We have a great deal of application-oriented manufacturing expertise for extruded tubes and profiles as well as in the machining of plastic parts. LED materials developed in-house ensure optimum light distribution.

Shop lighting

Interior lights

Shop lighting creates a positive atmosphere that encourages lingering and stimulates buying behaviour. Goods are put in the right light with the right luminaires or with the right goods presenters.

We have modern machinery and highly qualified employees and work with you to realise exceptional lighting solutions for business facilities and exhibition stands, such as backlit product presenters or individual lighting concepts. Our machining techniques include milling, laser cutting, drilling, bending, gluing and tempering. We can also supply foil-coated or painted components according to specifications.

For area lighting with continuous rows, we supply cover profiles made of PMMA and PC. We can also create complete plastic shop elements individually according to your specifications.

Technical lighting

Industrial lighting ranges from assembly halls and warehouses to extreme applications, such as on drilling platforms, ships or in mines. Materials are required that offer protection against impact and breakage, are protected against oils and greases, and have a high temperature resistance.

For these demanding applications, we process not only standard PC (polycarbonate) and PMMA (acrylic) but also special material types that meet the high requirements. In addition to the classic cover profiles, we also offer extruded tubular bodies. With coextruded profiles, the luminaire can be designed with different colours. If required, inner webs can be extruded in the profile to hold the equipment carrier.

Our tubes and profiles are used, for example, in the following applications:

  • Explosion-proof luminaires
  • Damp-proof luminaires
  • Amonia-protected luminaires in animal stables
  • Luminaires in food processing areas
  • Luminaires in medical technology areas
  • Vandalism-proof luminaires

Furthermore, we supply components for emergency lights or markings for escape routes.

For all these problem areas, we would be happy to work out the optimum solution together with you as early as the design and planning phase – please contact us at any time.


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