We manufacture high-quality plastic tubes and plastic profiles made of PMMA or PC and can individually process plastic solutions of all kinds for you.


PMMA and PC tubes

As a manufacturer, we have been extruding well over 100,000 metres of tube per year in diameters from 30 to 500 mm for 20 years. Our tubes feature high optical quality and good light transmission. Using various material mixtures, we can add properties to your tubes, including impact resistance, LED light suitability, UV protection or antimicrobial protection. Our production programme includes both the extrusion of the tubes and the further processing into semi-finished tube products ready for assembly.


Profiles made of acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC)

Our core competences include linear light emission profiles as covers for metallic luminaire housings or completely closed hollow profiles. We work with you to develop your individual plastic profile solution from the translucent materials acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC).


Competence in plastics

Our expertise in plastics not only extends to the extrusion of tubes and profiles, but we also process your parts for you so that they arrive at your premises ready for installation! Of course, we can also produce customised drawing parts for you from other semi-finished plastic products.

Plastic sheets

Cut to size and prepared for application

Plastic sheets and plastic discs are always produced in large formats. We therefore cut the required parts to your specifications and can also further process them precisely for your application. We currently have a whole range of ready-cut screens for hygienic protection available for you.

Tube & Profile Extrusion

Plastic tubes and profiles are manufactured using thermoplastics such as the PMMA and PC we use. The granular starting material is continuously melted by an extruder and conveyed through a shaping tool. This process is highly complex, as factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, velocity and many others have a direct influence on the result. After leaving the tool, the tube or profile is cooled down to room temperature and customised and/or further processed.

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The plastics processed by ATHEX offer a wide range of applications!

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Customer satisfaction is a reflection of the quality of a company. That is why we live and breathe quality. We regularly adapt our processes to changes and carry out periodic reviews in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 as a matter of course.



Our compliance culture is defined by a binding adherence to applicable laws as well as a fair partnership with all customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties of the company.



We attach great importance to the environment and sustainability. Energy efficiency and sustainable waste recycling are only part of our will to operate in an environmentally friendly way and with consideration for the generations to come.


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