Light technology – outdoor lighting

PMMA and PC tubes for outdoor lighting

The main task of modern street lighting is to ensure road safety for all road users at night as part of general public services.

In addition to this purely functional task, however, there is also an architectural requirement to make a design impression with outdoor lighting. ATHEX has been manufacturing PMMA (acrylic) and PC (polycarbonate) components especially for these architectural outdoor lights for many years and is a partner to numerous well-known manufacturers in this field.

ATHEX offers tubes and tube cylinders in many diameters for pole-mounted luminaires, bollard lights and illuminated steles. The increased requirements of LED technology can also be met with transparent, light diffusing or opal material variants.

In addition, we offer the following custom-made products and further processing, e.g.

  • internal prisms for glare control of light sources
  • impact-resistant material variants to protect against vandalism
  • foils for individual design requirements
  • joining techniques for attaching holders, lids, etc.
  • and other processing options

We are happy to support you with our expertise even in the planning phase of new products.

Let there be light

We are partners of leading lighting manufacturers and deliver everything from functional to architecturally sophisticated.

Tubes and profiles for industrial lighting

Good lighting conditions increase safety and productivity in industrial areas. As a rule, these conditions are achieved by strip light systems or individual luminaires close to workstations.

in the past, many of these luminaires were manufactured in two parts: an aluminium or steel housing and a translucent plastic diffuser. Even the first generations of LED lights required the metal housing as an additional heat sink. In damp-proof or acid-resistant lights, this repeatedly led to the problem of inadequate sealing between the two parts made of fundamentally different materials.

The new generations of LEDs now release significantly less heat and therefore do not require an additional heat sink in the form of the housing. It is thus possible to manufacture the complete luminaire housing from plastic and to eliminate the problem of leaks almost completely.

In addition to the classic cover profiles, ATHEX also offers extruded tube bodies and hollow profiles made of PMMA (acrylic) and PC, which can be adapted to the customer’s design requirements using individual tools. In co-extruded versions, the upper part of the light can be kept coloured and opaque to conceal the technical inner workings. If required, ribs can be integrated into the profile to accommodate the light rail. In these luminaires, too, light scattering and glare can be controlled by appropriate materials or prisms.

ATHEX also offers the plastic components required for emergency lighting and markings for escape routes.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lights are mainly used in residential or recreational areas. In addition to functional lighting solutions, creative design ideas that give lighting a high recognition value are increasingly in demand. In this segment, the highest design quality is essential.

The focus here is therefore less on standard parts and more on individually manufactured series parts. The aim is to convert design suggestions into components that can be produced reliably and cost-efficiently. We are therefore happy to advise our customers in the design phase and offer possible solutions for lighting-related plastic components.

ATHEX has extensive practical manufacturing expertise in extruded profiles and machined PMMA (acrylic) and PC parts. When it comes to plastics, we work together with all well-known manufacturers of raw materials and semi-finished products and can therefore draw on materials that are perfect for special LED-optimised applications or other special applications. We have all the equipment required for processing, including high-precision CNC machines, annealing furnaces, gluing and bending devices, and the highly qualified employees needed to use them.

Shop lighting

We deliver extraordinary lighting solutions for businesses and trade fair presentations, together with back-lit product presenters and innovative lighting concepts for exhibition stands.

Light is an important factor in making shopping a sensual experience. It creates atmosphere, draws attention to the exhibited products, helps to guide customers and underlines the brand image.

ATHEX sees itself as a partner in turning the ideas and concepts of our customers into reality.

We supply cover profiles and hollow profiles made of PMMA or PC for surface lighting with light strips.
From drawings ATHEX also produces individual product presenters and creative shop elements, which put your products in the right light with appropriate illumination!