Profile product range

The ATHEX product range essentially covers the following profile types:

  • LED scattering light and cover profiles for light strips with and without clip mechanisms
  • Hollow body profiles as luminaire housings (also with internal fins for LED tray supports)

Thanks to a variety of combination options, ATHEX can cover a very wide range of requirements:

  • Longitudinal prism on inner or outer side
  • Material types with different light effects, e.g. transparent, dispersed light, opal, satin or coloured
  • Coextrusion to achieve design or functional requirements
  • Material types to provide other properties: impact resistance, fire protection requirements, UV resistance, heat resistance etc.

At ATHEX, quality and fitting accuracy are tested during production by means of visual and dimensional checks and functional tests such as fitting checks with customer metal housings or end caps.

The ATHEX product range includes extrusion of plastic profiles and processing and assembly of extruded profiles > Profile cutting and processing.

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