Tube cylinders and machining

Once the tubes have been extruded, ATHEX has a high level of expertise at its disposal to process them for individual customer requirements.

Specifically, ATHEX offers:
Cut-to-size service for the tubes to dimensions ready for installation

Further processing of the tubes, e.g. using

  • joining techniques (e.g. gluing lids, attaching fitting bases or flanges)
  • drilling or milling work (e.g. drilling fixing holes, cutting openings, contour milling, threads, etc.)
  • foil work (e.g. for partial glare control, design elements, coloured foils etc.)

The ATHEX machine park is equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as precision saws, milling machines and 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining centres.

Our well-trained and highly qualified employees are specialists in programming and operating the machines, but also in manual activities such as gluing, polishing and foiling tube cylinders.

In order to prevent the risk of stress cracks in the material occurring during certain work steps, ATHEX has a fully automatic annealing furnace which can accommodate tubes up to 4.50 m long and anneal them with low stress.

ATHEX manufactures high-quality tubes and tube cylinders for you under one roof – made in Germany!

The individual touch

ATHEX not only extrudes your tubes, but also offers you every form of processing by skilled professionals.