Based on its extensive experience, ATHEX is able to support the customer in the design phase of a new product by providing sound, expert advice in the following areas, for example:

  • special fields of application and the
  • corresponding requirements
  • the material properties required and their
  • possible variations
  • production technologies

ATHEX provides professional advice right from the start of project development. Cooperation at an early stage often makes it possible to develop functionally optimised solutions that are also cost-effective in their implementation.


Tool and device construction

The implementation of the product solution often requires new, customer-specific extrusion tools or processing equipment.

Thanks to its own CAD-supported design, ATHEX puts drawings and production documents into practice as quickly as possible. This makes it possible to manufacture tools and devices quickly.



The ATHEX machinery for extrusion can be set up in many different ways so that it is able to produce small, medium and large series of plastic tubes and profiles. A combination of extrusion lines is also possible for co-extruded products.

The sizes of the products range from the smallest LED profiles weighing just a few grams to very heavy large-diameter tubes weighing several kilograms.

Material recipes are followed precisely by gravimetric dosing systems. Visual and dimensional checks are carried out regularly during production for quality assurance of the products.

With the help of optical measurement devices, a quick comparison with drawings is possible.

Extrusion requires highly qualified personnel. That’s why ATHEX has been training the next generation itself for years!



ATHEX machining expertise in plastics includes both the additional processing of tubes and profiles we have extruded ourselves and the creation of customer-specific drawing parts from purchased sheet material, sometimes involving several stages.

The ATHEX machine park is equipped with the most modern machines, including precision saws, several milling units and 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining centres.

The fully automatic annealing furnace is used before or after certain work steps if there is a risk of stress cracks in the material. It can accommodate workpieces up to 4.50 m long and anneal them with low stress.

The well-trained and highly qualified ATHEX employees are specialists in programming and operating the machines, but also in manual activities such as gluing, polishing, foiling and bending of plastic parts.



When transporting large-format plastic parts, there is a risk of damage that cannot be overlooked, especially when reloading piece goods.

ATHEX packs the products in optimised and appropriate packaging units and works with shipping companies that deliver particularly delicate parts to customers within Europe by direct transport only, i.e. without reloading.

This minimises transport damage.

From the idea to the finished component!

Make the most of ATHEX expertise and let us help you to implement all your ideas.