Processing techniques

Over the years, ATHEX has acquired a high level of machining expertise in individually manufactured plastic components made from sheet material.

Thanks to its highly qualified staff and wide range of processing machines and devices, ATHEX is able to carry out the following work to a high professional standard:

  • Cut-to-size assembly of tubes, profiles and sheets in dimensions that are ready to install
  • Drilling and milling work (e.g. precise cutting of glued parts, fixing holes, flanges, fitting grooves, plastic threads)
  • Joining techniques (e.g. one and two-component bonding, mitre-cut bonding, display construction, attachment of fitting bases and -flanges)
  • Annealing work (controlled heat treatment to remove stress and prevent stress cracking)
  • Foil work (e.g. for partial glare control, lettering, design elements, coloured foils etc.)

ATHEX manufactures high-quality machining parts for you under one roof – made in Germany!

We can't do magic...

But ATHEX offers many processing options to make almost anything possible!