Plastic machined parts

ATHEX’s processing expertise in plastics also includes the creation of customer-specific drawing parts from purchased sheet material, in some cases in several processing steps. ATHEX cooperates with all well-known plastic sheet manufacturers and can therefore cover a very wide range of applications.

Through mechanical processing and joining and bending techniques, semi-finished products with high optical and functional quality are produced, such as LED holders for living room lights, escape route signs, housings, displays, presenters and control panel covers.

The ATHEX machine park is equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as precision saws, milling machines and 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining centres. Our well-trained and highly qualified employees are specialists in programming and operating the machines, but also in manual activities such as gluing, polishing, foiling and bench milling of plastic parts.

In order to prevent the risk of stress cracks in the material occurring during certain work steps, ATHEX has a fully automatic annealing furnace which can accommodate workpieces up to 4.50 m long and anneal them with low stress.

Made in Germany

ATHEX manufactures and customises high-quality plastic parts for you under one roof.