Pneumatic tube delivery systems

Pneumatic tube delivery is dead – long live pneumatic tube delivery!

In the digital age with paperless operation, the death of pneumatic tube delivery systems had been predicted because of an ever decreasing number of documents being sent.

However, not only have many documents survived, but many new areas of application have also opened up in which items that cannot be digitised are sent via a pneumatic tube system.

In supermarkets, the money from the cash register is sent by pneumatic tube to the operational accounting, in hospitals blood samples are sent to the laboratory by pneumatic tube and in production plants screws are brought to the workplace by pneumatic tube.

ATHEX supplies transparent PMMA tubes as transport tubes for e.g. representative areas and PC tubes as containers for pneumatic tube delivery sleeves. There are different sizes for both applications, each adapted to the needs of the user and the items to be carried.

ATHEX liefert transparente PMMA-Rohre als Fahrrohre für z.B. repräsentative Bereiche oder PC-Rohre als Behälter der Rohrposthülsen. Für beide Anwendungen gibt es verschiedene Größen, jeweils angepasst an die Bedürfnisse des Anwenders und der zu versendenden Güter.

Going postal

There is life in the old dog yet! - In certain industries the pneumatic tube delivery system plays an important role as a means of transport. We know our stuff!