Other applications

Trade fair construction and art objects

There are various applications for ATHEX products in trade fair construction and the arts.

ATHEX products offer a wide range of design options for an individual trade fair stand design with a combination of functionality (light) and design. Tube cylinders are frequently used for this purpose. ATHEX also offers object-related display solutions for product presentation on exhibition stands.

Exhibits for artists are always a highlight for the ATHEX team. What looks simple often involves high quality processing of different product components. The experience, innovation and expertise of ATHEX employees are in demand when it comes to implementing unusual and creative concepts.

Imagination without limits

The plastics processed by ATHEX offer a multitude of possible applications! We will be happy to advise you – without obligation.

Sports equipment

Holistic training of the human body during exercise is the aim of many pieces of training equipment. The SLASHPIPE meets this requirement by means of a defined volume of water in the equipment, which never balances exactly and thus constantly demands muscular responses from the body to the moving water. SLASHPIPE makes use of the principle of water flow to respond to even the smallest movement at random and not in a cyclical, constantly recurring pattern. Uncontrollable but intentional natural chaos!

The sports equipment is available in different diameters, lengths and filling quantities for various exercises and levels of demand.

For our customer SLASHPIPE, ATHEX not only extrudes the pipes, but also completes the additional process stage of welding the end caps to both sides of the tube.

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