Aquarium equipment

In recent years, more and more technology has been included in aquariums. The inhabitants of the aquarium are offered an environment appropriate to their species so that they feel comfortable and have a long life expectancy. Today, controlled electronic systems regulate temperatures, currents, feed supply, light and water quality.

ATHEX supplies well-known manufacturers with components for filter technology and lighting. In filter technology, protein skimmers are used especially in seawater filters, for which machined PMMA tube components and machined parts (drawing parts) are required. Circular holes must be cut into pipes for water inlets and outlets, which we can do with a 5-axis machining centre. ATHEX manufactures the skimmer components ready for assembly using additional bonding or milling techniques.

LED technology has also found its way into aquariums for lighting. Light can be adjusted by light/dark and colour controls. Increasingly, light wave variations up to the UV light range can also be provided, which effectively control plant growth in an aquarium. ATHEX supplies cover profiles made of PMMA and PC to cover corresponding LED rails.

For pond pump applications, we supply UV light blocking tubes in which strong UV light is used to remove algae infestation from the flowing water.

I wish I was...

... a fish in an aquarium built with ATHEX components. We guarantee the highest quality and reliability.