Profiles – Technical specifications

Manufacturing tolerances for PMMA and PC profiles at 20°C ambient temperature:

Tolerances (exception: length tolerance) according to DIN 16941-3A.

Length tolerances (in mm)
Production lengths up to 5,000mm ±10.0 mm
(automatic cutting on the extrusion line)
Narrower tolerances on request.

Separate cutting service (special cutting to length by hand)
for lengths
≤ 1,000 mm ± 1.0 mm
1,000 <L ≤ 2,000 mm ± 1.5 mm
> 2,000 mm by arrangement

A slight recess of up to approx. 0.2 mm may occur on the cut edges.

Optical properties
Optical rings and extrusion marks cannot entirely be avoided in production.

Tolerance for customer requirements

Is offered by ATHEX only within the millimetre range and, of course, only standardised according to DIN.