Profile cutting and processing

Once the profiles have been extruded, ATHEX has a high level of expertise at its disposal to process them for individual customer requirements.

Specifically, ATHEX offers:
Cut-to-size assembly of the profiles to dimensions ready for installation
Further processing of the profiles, e.g. using

  • joining techniques
    – gluing on lids or end caps
    – ultrasonic welding of head pieces
    – attaching fitting bases or flanges
  • Drilling or milling work
    – Drilling mounting holes
    – cutting openings
    – Contour milling
    – Threads etc.
  • Foiling work
    – for partial glare control
    – Design elements
    – Coloured foils etc.

The ATHEX machine park is equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as precision saws, milling machines and 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining centres.

Our well-trained and highly qualified employees are specialists in programming and operating the machines, but also in manual activities such as gluing, US welding and foiling profile sections.
ATHEX manufactures high-quality profiles and profile sections for you under one roof – made in Germany!

The individual touch

ATHEX not only extrudes your profiles, but also offers you every form of processing by skilled professionals.