Acrylic glass and polycarbonate profiles

As a manufacturer, ATHEX has been extruding acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) into optically high-quality profiles for a wide range of applications for many years. ATHEX usually extrudes customised profiles.

ATHEX designs and manufactures tools for the production of the PMMA/PC profile required on the basis of finished part drawings provided by our customers.

The production range includes not only extrusion of profiles, but also assembly to semi-finished profiles that are ready to fit.

Available profile types:

Cover profiles: clip profiles with holding functions of approx. 30 – 2,000 g/m
Hollow profiles: single coloured, two-coloured from approx. 100 – 1,500 g/m (also with internal retaining fins for LED trays)
Material: colourless PMMA and PC, dispersed LED, opal, satin, coloured, co-extruded

Profiles to meet customer requirements

Many years of project experience and a high level of expertise in dealing with customer requirements and finding solutions make ATHEX a distinctive and extremely efficient partner.